The Hair-Dyeing Saga

/pets this blog dearly and affectionately/ Hello to the person reading this post. I am currently feeling rather blue (a bit of foreshadowing, ahem) for leaving this blog untouched for half a year, which isn’t really that new. It’s never intentional, I can almost assure you – but here I am, typing a new post… Continue reading The Hair-Dyeing Saga


what’s been up:

hello. ◆ got a new curtain (with such irresistable, lovely color) ◆ had a satisfying ITP-TOEFL score ◆ found the excitement back in photography ◆ a cute so-called photoshoot of my kitten, Boncu, with the dude below. favorite photo since you and i become us. very well-describing on how goofy you've always been, and how happy i am.