“There are no such thing as a bad decision.” (I am afraid of making one. I am afraid of taking a path I should have not be walking on.) “Sometimes the wrong choices take us to the right places.” (What classifies as ‘the right place’? Is it the one that makes us feel like rethinking… Continue reading antithesis


Comfort Zone

“...I don’t know, Karina. How do I leave my comfort zone?” “Well, just look at me – seven thousand miles away from home. Away from my comfort zone.” “Yeah, but you’ve made another comfort zone, didn’t you.” This is my room. My sanctuary. The place to rest. The place I can be sane. Away from… Continue reading Comfort Zone

Feigning Ignorance

It was during one evening; specifically on Easter night. Five individuals were chattering in a language I do understand but have yet to speak in. For that inadequacy I slowly drifted off, and as my brain began to wonder, I started on contemplating life. How did I get here? I remember going on a plane.… Continue reading Feigning Ignorance


On people moving out of town.

When a friend is leaving your home country, it feels like they are going to leave your life forever. Even when you still hear from them. Even when they do come back at times. I’m not sure if it’s about the lack of communication or the fact that they are practically living a new life… Continue reading On people moving out of town.


Nocturnal dilemma

In this internet-infatuated era, ‘insomnia’ has become such a familiar term. It is now being popularly overused (and probably misused) by the ones that could not sleep after midnight, who then would refer themselves as ‘insomniac beings’. It’s pretty laughable to the real insomniacs who often cannot sleep at all for days, or continuously having… Continue reading Nocturnal dilemma