I’m a flower girl and no one knows that

Rejoice, ladies and gentlemen – as winter is nearing its end.

Born in a country with tropical climate, I am too glad to welcome spring back. Don’t get me wrong – winter is awesome, and I love layering like I live in igloos. However, after countless of frostbites and wet toes, one just cannot not long for a warmer weather.

Besides the weather, the other thing I like about spring is seeing all the trees and flowers coming back to life. It’s pretty amazing to rediscover the pretty colours of leaves and petals that we often took for granted, and for that we have Mother Nature to thank.

One of my biggest dreams, which is heavily influenced by all the mangas I read from childhood, is to go for a picnic under sakura trees complete with the falling sakura petals in Japan during the spring. Yes, it’s a rather simple dream, but also specific. I was so smitten over the idea of it when I was a kid, and still am now.

As I am stuck in the Netherlands for the mean time, this sakura picnic dream will have to wait until I get back to living in Asia. In despair, I searched around the internet for other beautiful sceneries with flowers which only bloom in spring time. And boy, did I find them.

Here are five places this flower girl needs to see in her lifetime.

1. Halle, Belgium

I’ve been to Belgium a lot of times before: Gent, Brugges, and Brussels. Now if only I knew that there was a place as dreamy as this Blue Forest.

This beautiful photo was shot in Halle, Belgium. It is a forest called the Hallerbos, and as you can see, is filled by carpet of bluebell flowers and tall, skinny trees. With the right timing of the sunlight and a little bit of fog, it can certainly look like a place straight out of fairy tales. The bluebells bloom in different times every year, but the best time to visit is usually around late April.

2. Seoul, South Korea

Classic cherry blossoms! In Yeouido, Seoul, there are 1,400 cherry blossom trees forming a snow-white tunnel which is 5.7 kilometers long.

I’ve been to Seoul before, but during the summer time. I’ll definitely pay the country another visit in spring! Aside from the fact that the cherry blossoms will peak in early to mid April, the weather during the summer is just too hot to do anything.

3. Provence, France

I’m cheating a bit with this one, because the lavender fields in Provence, France actually blooms in late June to early August, but I really want to include this one because it’s too beautiful. Just look at that.

4. Fukuoka, Japan

When I first saw this I literally let out a gasp. I mean, how can a place like this exist? It’s called the Wisteria tunnel, and is located in Kawachi Fuji Gardens in Fukuoka, Japan. They managed to take advantage of the Wisteria which grows by wrapping its vine around nearby objects as support to create this canopy of flowers, forming such dreamy colour gradation which is just breathtaking.

5. Keukenhof, the Netherlands

This is the only place in the list I have personally visited. In the Keukenhof spring garden you can find endless beds of colourful tulips in every colour imaginable. Keukenhof is open from mid March to mid May, with mid April being the best time to view the tulips. My trip was a great one, and I’d visit again.

Now if only I have the time and money to visit all these places. Well, a flower girl can dream, right?

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