Writing vs Finishing


A friend of mine – who is probably the only reader of this blog – said to me that I should write more. The thing is, I do write. A lot, and on various platforms. The problem I have is that it’s not a matter of ‘writing’, but of ‘finishing’.

I currently have seven posts in my draft. Seven, ladies and gentlemen. To make it worse, most of them are actually already written – I just need to finish and post them. “What the hell are you doing, then, not publishing them?” When confronted about this, I simply blame my perfectionist mindset.

Yes, the good ol classic perfectionist. You’d rarely pick this characteristic for your sim because it just takes too damn long for them to whip up a plate of pancake. It’s all true in real life though, and it doesn’t get less frustrating for the perfectionists themselves. They want to finish things faster, but they just can’t. It’s in their blood to keep on re-doing things they’re working on, like editing a video (definitely not a star character for deadline-driven workplace) or doing simple house chores (things are put in certain ways and you should not complain).

Then again, it’s not all bad things to have this strength/flaw. Perfectionists tend to produce ‘better’ work overall, according to their own selves of course. Being okay with a written story or the outcome of a product means that “I’ve done my best; shed my blood, sweat, tears; and that’s fifteen hours I’ll never get back, but I am pleased with the result”. If someone does not like it, then bummer – but if it means leaving less room for mistake if I reread my writing for the 29th time, then it’s well worth the effort.

So there you go, the reason why I post once in a blue moon. This is my attempt in writing and finishing it in one go, in hope that there will be more to come, for this blog to be more ‘alive’.


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