On people moving out of town.

When a friend is leaving your home country, it feels like they are going to leave your life forever. Even when you still hear from them. Even when they do come back at times. I’m not sure if it’s about the lack of communication or the fact that they are practically living a new life that it made you feel like they have left you.

A she, who is an old dear friend since you were both six years old. She who was close to you, as close as twins, as you heard so much how the two of you can pass as sisters. Alas, the two of you grew apart, without you knowing why, as you usually do with your other friendships. Several years gone by, and you heard about her going abroad. “Why do I feel like I’m losing her?” you thought, puzzled by your own feeling. By the time she came back, you thought you would find the answer to the question, but it multiplied instead. “Why is she different?” “What happened to her?” “Why isn’t she the same person that I’ve once known nine years ago?” She is not the same person you once knew. Neither are you. Both of you had become different.

The feeling of losing someone you’d never thought you’d feel bitter upon losing.

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