Nocturnal dilemma

In this internet-infatuated era, ‘insomnia’ has become such a familiar term. It is now being popularly overused (and probably misused) by the ones that could not sleep after midnight, who then would refer themselves as ‘insomniac beings’. It’s pretty laughable to the real insomniacs who often cannot sleep at all for days, or continuously having poor sleep quality for a week, a month, or more, until taking medications had become the only way for them to be able to rest.

Simply put, the symptoms of insomnia are 1. waking up at midnight and unable to fall back to sleep, 2. waking up too early in the morning (it’s safe to say that this is not my case), and 3. difficulty in falling asleep at the beginning of the night. I’m pretty softcore compared to that as I only often experience the third one; I tend to stay awake until 3-4 am, but once I’m asleep I can go on, even until the afternoon of the next day.

As of late, these are how it breaks down when I have trouble sleeping: right after midnight, it will be very abnormally windy that the sound of the brushing trees will start sounding like crashing waves, and when I said crashing, I meant really, crashing, very loudly. At around 2, the temperature will begin to rise, forcing me to toss and turn. At this moment I’d let a leg out the blanket but sometimes my head wants me to believe that there’s something creeping under my bed waiting to chomp off a foot or two, so it’s always a risky move. Starting from 4, the birds will start chirping like there’s no tomorrow – in a bit, the sun will also start rising – my neighbours will also march out and be the noisiest bunch they could possibly be – until it’s just impossible for me to sleep anymore.


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