Things You Call Fate: Sondre Lerche

Exactly a week ago, Sondre Lerche came to Amsterdam and held a show. It was, well – how would you explain being able to see one of your favourite singers live?

I was late for at least one song. I went there alone, ergo the wasted time on venue-finding. But it was okay. I was already grinning while climbing the set of stairs, heart racing while entering the room. I was that happy.

I had problems keeping up with the tracklist. Watching the show, I kept on getting the feeling of being “there” and “not there” – I wouldn’t know if I unconsciously missed one or two songs. It’s weird but I guess that happens…

From the total showtime of one hour, these are the songs I managed to jot down:

  1. I Cannot Let You Go
  2. Two Way Monologue
  3. Coliseum Town
  4. Domino
  5. Private Caller
  6. Tragic Affair
  7. Say It All
  8. Sleep on Needles
  9. My Hands are Shaking
  10. Modern Nature

Halfway through the show, I decided to record several songs, in which I barely captured the visuals thanks to the tall Dutch fellows and the heavy camera and the shaky hands of mine. In the video below is the song “My Hands Are Shaking” (no pun intended), which was very, very beautifully performed acoustically – he changed his guitar to an acoustic one, left his microphone behind, moved closer to the audience and sang to us.

If you enjoy Sondre’s songs, and if one of them is Things You Call Fate, then you ought to know: from the total duration of 9 minutes and 22 seconds, there are some things you might or might not notice inside the song. At 5:30, you will start to hear a crowd. A crowd noise. The sound of children playing and chattering in the background. Is it a crowd you hear outside the music, or is it part of the song? And, to top off that, at 8:35 you’ll be able to hear a woman singing, “I’m not gonna leave you…”

Dunno if that’s on purpose but I’d like to believe so. It’s Sondre, after all.


4 thoughts on “Things You Call Fate: Sondre Lerche

  1. @ Eliysha: Dunno if it's ever going to be exactly in Idaho but the man has been coming over to the states also for the tour. Well it bound to happen sooner or later. x

    @ Devishanty: I was so butthurt at that time. I had been going to Java Jazz every year but he just had to come when I'm not there. But him coming here makes up for it.

    @ Febie: kemaren gak nonton di Jakarta? Kamera gue sekarang Nikon D5100. :)


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