The writing story

I like to write. I literally like to write on papers – and while we are on that subject, I am also crazy about stationery. I like my writings neat, and am almost always the secretary of every organisation I am in. That brings me to writing in the cyber world. To share things is not really my number one reason to blog. It is the writing process, and then seeing the result I produced. It is also nice to keep stories, as human tends to forget one thing after another, let alone details. I don’t like losing things, so I have been trying to ‘save’ them, both by writings or photography.

I write on my blog. Twitter. Tumblr. Facebook. The stories of my life are scattered all over these personal sites; I myself cannot keep a good track. Some people might prefer keeping stuff to themselves, while I like the idea of pouring the words that are flocking around, using the free space in my brain for something else.

I have been a person with big interests upon many things. Hell – I can never seem to set my mind to just one thing! I have been greedy, wanting to do a lot of this and that; it seems to be neverending. I have never been good in one firm subject. That is why I sometimes get envious, seeing someone so passionate about (and obviously talented in) something – like mastering a musical instrument, having photography as a way of living, or being really good in art. Sometimes I take my dear self as a person with no certain talent. I have none of them amazing skills that I can flaunt about. I have no identity.

“Just another girl, meh, nothing special about her.”

But at the same time, this annoying personality also gives me a little something that I’d like to say an advantage. Having interest in a lot of things has given me the opportunity of having a broader view in general. Always taking a little bit from this and a little bit from that. Chances are I would have at least one thing in common with someone, whether it is a sport, a favorite tv show, the latest fashion item, or just plain computer talk.

A talk about Flight of the Conchords, perhaps?



2 thoughts on “The writing story

  1. Perhaps that is your talent – you can write about the nothingness of what you consider as your life without killing your readers' enthusiasm. Only a lucky few can do that. I, on the other hand, only like to write when I feel like writing. And definitely not on papers.


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