day & night

You should blog while you’re on fire. But don’t post it rightaway, save it in the drafts. One or two hours later, open it & re-read the whole stuff. Perfect the story. Then publish the post. your way of telling stories will be different depends on the time. for instance, if something wonderful happen, your story would be rather overjoyed. but when you cool down, you give your brain time to work & will add a new perspective to your story. a small tip!

went to safari with my big big family! i was thrilled to death seeing that lot of animals. every animal is gorgeous in their own ways (pardon this weakness of mine ; i don’t know how to stop! all animals are cute!), so i took a lot of pictures of them! ooof animals ♥

then Soulnation. should’ve watched both days, but ended up only watching the Friday one. saw RAN, Arrested Development, and Tangga. got a free ticket for The Ting Tings, but it was already halfway past the performance and the entrance queue was crazy, so i sold the ticket~.

RAN was great as per usual. Arrested Development was amazing. Tangga was very entertaining. overall, soulnation day one was awesome!

on a big side note. I MET OMESH! yes, that handyysome omesh of Extravaganza. my friend (Candle) & i happen to chat with him occasionally on twitter, but who would’ve guessed that he’d actually recognize me?! my brain danced. very, very friendly man. ugh♥. proofshot:


7 thoughts on “day & night

  1. omgosh! the pics of the animals are beautiful, nice and up close! and i agree with your writing tip… if i'm overjoyed or excited, my writing will contain a lot of “!!!!!!!!!!” “ajsdkjfaldsjlsjf!!!!!!!” hahaha! ;P


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