Heksakra’s (mini) amazing race!

hello fellows! i’m not really having the enthusiastic blogging mood, but i think i have to update about what my friends and i did yesterday.

one of my classmate is going to have to stay in bandung for a quite long time due to some itb thingy. then somehow, some of my friends ended up making a mini game for all of our social classes.
the event name was, The Mini Amazing Race: Tribute to Telor.

it was really ‘mini’, as in the ONE DAY event’s preparation. i wanted to join, but i really have the worst sense of direction, so i joined as a committee. still had the same fun though! :-D

14 pairs participated in the game. the route was: langsat park (near our school, labsky) -> mayestik, they have to find a store named ‘wahyu’ and buy a lux soap there to get the next clue:

“pisces berenang di bensin, di ujung (a picture of radio, written ‘dalem’)”

◆ it’s the fish store at radio dalam. there, they have to find an aquarium with 4 marbles in it, and take a picture of it. then they get the next clue:

“pergilah ke…. (a stick of cheetos in the envelope)”

◆ of course it’s citos or cilandak town square. they were given two timezone coins, and they have to collect 5 tickets from it. if they didn’t, they got penalty for the next challenge. so it’s up to the players fortune.

◆ ba-dah, Road Block at stadion GBK senayan. they have to roll a dice and one of them has to run around the stad as many as the numbers say. some people got SIX. worse, if they got the penalty from the previous challenge, BOTH of the pair have to run.

◆ next one is Detour at monas (my post!). they have to choose one of two challenges we got. either Biology or History. the biology place is nearer, while the history one requires you to get in to the monas.

the biology one challenge is, we give you a list of three tree names with the series number (each tree has a different series number!). you have to find each tree and take a picture of it. then you show us and get the next clue.
the history one is, we give you a list of three dioramas inside the monas. find and take a picture of it. this one is easier, but it’s quite far and you gotta pay to go inside (the money was limited, so it’s up to their strategy).

the clue was:

◆ electronic city at scbd. the challenge was to find the price of the given code as fast as possible. then head back to school.

◆ at school. all was tired, a lot was telling their own stories. it was very exhausting, but it was really really fun! we’re planning to make another one, next time will involve the whole heksakra! this is our weird way to catch up with the whole batch :-)

the photos (UPDATED):

surveying the places: ari, me, tep, reta, badar, bibil

the committees all in red :-)

the leftmost one is telor! look how eggy he is

@ taman langsat

@ toko ikan radal

yay monas post! ♥


the whole committees and participants!

later, imma update more frequently, because starting from today i’m finally, literally out of school! dozens of yays and yippies!!!

umb UI early june, means i still have to go to ssc. sigh. and i’ll be gladly accompany lamuru more often in the near future.


p.s. how do you like my new header? :-)


27 thoughts on “Heksakra’s (mini) amazing race!

  1. wow! i heart the new header, bey! did you took it by yourself? where is it? your mini amazing race sounded soo much fun. you got clues and everything. coolio!


  2. Sasha: thankyou sha, yes i took it and it's at monas ;-) and ya it was sooo fun!

    Nyno & Shabr: abis ini ktnya ipa mau bikin. tapi nanti pasti ada se heksakra kook.


  3. Enad: justru harus pake angkutan umum nad! disitu susahnya! hahaha.

    Kevin: coming up soon!

    T: hihi even being the committes is a lotta fun too :-D


  4. Bibil: ahahahah nyampe sini aja lo bil. tadinya mau masukin yg lebih aib lagi, tp dipikir2 guenya terlalu aib HA HA.

    Xanabioticx: thanks a lot! i’m using canon powershot s3is, and some using my friend’s nikon dslr. it’s a normal camera, but i edited them with some vintage effects :)


  5. Nicke: yea everyone had fun, although some complained because of the lack preparation ;-)

    Tika: 2 classes adds up to about 75 people. not all participated, tik.


  6. ah parah seru banget bek pengen banget ikutan kayak gituuuuuuuu aaaaaaaaaa ..

    asik kali ya bikin2 acara gitu lagi tapi siapa ya pesertanya huah seruu ..

    pengen ikutan amazing race beneran tapi gimana caranya yaa..

    headernya passs


  7. Antown: it was fun :)

    Bena: you got the whole rb, why not? than just doing plain kopdar. hahahah.
    bisa tapi lo harus aneh sm pasangan lo. misalnya gay couple. pasti dipilih.

    and thanks!


  8. oh my god kalian pasti tepar banget abis itu huaekaekekaek…
    ga kerasa udah mau lulus2an ya bek?gue juga bentar lg bakal pisah2an nih…
    tp game nya kayaknya seru juga tuh, layak buat dicoba-coba :)


  9. of course paaam, udah capek keringetan bau ga jelas ga berselera. hahaha iya sebentar lagi lulus2an! time flies too fast


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