java jazz 2009 report

so, after three days filling up my ears with music, the first word is: super tiring. and the second word is: super satisfying.

Friday, 6 march 2009

loved the show, hated the traffic. it took 2 hours to reach JHCC, i was kinda late for the special show: mr. a to z. when i arrived at the exhibition hall b, it was already crowded, and my friends (noncha fitri jay) were in the middle of the crowd. i went through so many people, and when i was stuck a bit far behind my friends, ternyata ada steven sama badar not so far from me. so i joined them. jason masuk stage on-time, and for the first song he sang Make It Mine!!! i recorded it. then he continued with beautiful songs, and suddenly i couldn’t breathe so i went to the emptier space in the back of the hall and met mutia. in the end, he sang I’m Yours and disappeared. i thought it was over, but then he came back and sang noncha’s fav song: No Stopping Us. and again i thought it was getting over, but he sang MY FAV SONG: BUTTERFLY!!!!!!! i was soooooo happy that i forgot to recordit.

then after that, i didn’t watch anything else, since i was too excited and a bit exhausted. so i went home at around 12.

Saturday, 7 march 2009

i was disappointed twice. because of some probs, i arrived late and i missed SOULVIBE for the world! i was sooooo down, because i really really like soulvibe’s songs… huh anyway i watched ecoutez with reta, only half show and i moved onto RAN and met everyone else. they performed well, changed some of the arrangements, it was cool. when it was nearly finished i went out to see glenn fredly, but heck the plenary hall was already full! and i was down. because i can hear glenn singing chrisye’s song. and oh ya i can’t watch barry likumahuwa project at dji sam soe lounge because only 18+ people can enter the lounge!! what an enormous let-down. and sooo i joined luna febi sunk ahtar, watched 21st night and roy ayers instead. they were uber cool. and i left at around 1.

Sunday, 8 march 2009

this is probably the BEST DAY of the java jazz marathon! i arrived there at around 5, i missed aditya and slank but it’s okay. i went to cendrawasih 1&2 to see tompi with iman riski tep, it was sooo crowded and hot! but the thing i like is dia banyak nyanyi lagu dari albumnya yang baru, my happy life, and i like the whole album a lot! trus dia sempet nge-medley lagu2 lamanya, sooo cool and i stayed until he’s done. and then i went to assembly 2 to see abdul and the coffee theory to see abe as the percussion section. it was great because; 1. we all sit while watching, 2. abdul’s songs are jazzy, 3. and there was David NAIF! he’s a lot entertaining the audiences with his goofy attitudes and he made the show even better! then i moved to the exhibition hall b to see maliq, but there was a band named soil & pimp whose show was not done yet. the band was from japan, and i think it was a bit strange when the band and the fans shouted “soil! soil! soil! soil!” kinda LOT and it made the crowd looked like a cult or something. but the music was good, nempel di otak dan musisinya masing2 keren bgt mainin alat musiknya. so maliq was late for an hour, but the performance FULLY PAID THE WAITING!! it was like usual, totally arrsomeeee! why awesome? 1. they come up with formal suits, and it suits them well, 2. they played great songs, 3. and as always, they changed the arrangements AND IT WAS TOO COOL! and they also featured 21st night and the organic bla bla (i forgot the name). and you know what the boys even DANCED the THRILLER DANCE! it was super duper hyper hilarious (but still cool anyway).

oh and my friend and i took a picture with ricky harun hahahahahahahahahaha.

not to be forgotten, the pictures! (please do mind that my cam is NOT a DSLR or thewhat, it’s just an ordinary semi-SLR canon powershot s3is, so…. the photos aren’t that good.)


28 thoughts on “java jazz 2009 report

  1. tapi taun ini banyakan artis komersil nis, ga ada jazz2nya sama sekali. gue jg sih, judulnya ke javajazz, tp yg ditonton artis pop semua.


  2. iya lynn, jadi sbnrnya nama ‘java jazz’ itu udah kurang pas ya… kenapa ga bikin java pop festival aja sekalian ya? hahaha


  3. iya dong 3 hari, haha ah fotonya pecah semua tuh huhulo dapet bagus ngga? gue agak jauh sih jadi yang ga goyang cuman dikit… iya tuh your abang huahuahua


  4. i envy you.firstly, i never had a chance to see live performance of maliq2ndly, i always wish i could go to java jazz, but i cant:(and… argh, seru banget sih nonton a lot more jazz musicianss.arghh,,,,btw, total tiket untuk 3 hari plus jason mraz harganya brapa bey?


  5. you are sooo going to watch maliq anywhere else…. especially on big events, krn biasanya makin keren performancenya. and why can’t you go to javajazz?gue beli pas early bird, it adds up to 700k :)


  6. keren kok foto-fotonya bey hhehehehehe…javajazz ya, lo nonton full 3days gitu?buseng hahaha (sayang gue blm ckup dewasa buat dateng kesitu) huhu emang jason mraz jazz ya?gue kira pop loh ckckcckckck


  7. hehe thanks paaams, iya 3 hari straight, agak teler. yaah makanya emang udah bukan java ‘jazz’ lagi, lebih banyak orang dateng buat artis pop komersil just like him. orang2 seperti gue :x


  8. emang sih lumayan ngejazz, tapi sepertinya tetep aja dia pop-based musician. and i watched him in the name of jason mraz, bukan one of the special show di java jazz. kapan lagi nonton jason cuman 200ribu???? hahaha.


  9. wah lo nonton tiga hari? asyik banget (ngiri) foto2nya keren deeh jadi nyesel ga nonton 3 hari juga..omong2, lo temennya mutia ya? kayaknya pas jumat ketemu deh.. hehe salam kenal ya :)


  10. hehe iya chaan, wii makasih yaaa :Diya 3 hari, tapi teler juga sih jadinya hahaha. waaah lo tmnnya mutia yg bareng yudit ya? salam kenal juga!ho oh emg puas bgt sil, hehehew maacihtau deeh yg kameranya bagus dan berskill


  11. artis jazznya ada shin, banyak banget malah, tapi kebanyakan anak2 seumuran saya pada dateng buat nonton artis2 yang genrenya menyimpang, atau malah ga ada jazz2nya sama sekali. hehe antrinya yg heboh hari jumat doang kok, sabtu minggu sepi.


  12. yep, and they’re my fav local bands, so no prob, right? everyone’s got their own faves. 700 itu udah termasuk jason mraz, who is not local.silahkan ditonton, i’m not that crazy to watch that while having uan, uas dan ujian praktek setelahnya


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