Tentang Bahasa

In the first episode of "Clearing Out Old Drafts" aka "Too Lazy to Write New Content", here's a post I drafted on the 6th of January, 2014. ~ Buka blogger. Ngecek traffic sources. Salah satunya dari shortminded. Buka shortminded. Inget yang lalu-lalu. Lalala... Eheung. Nggak, kok, nggak lagi galau(-galau amat), cuman lagi nostalgia aja. Dulu ngeblog… Continue reading Tentang Bahasa


The Netherlands: the actual ending.

In the morning of the 31st of December 2015, I took a one-way flight from Amsterdam to Jakarta. I checked in 50 kilograms worth of suitcases. I remembered the 30 kilograms I brought five years ago, which are in no way a part of the 50. I thought of the physical things in the 30 I've thrown away,… Continue reading The Netherlands: the actual ending.